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Minimizing Opioid Use Through Physical Therapy

In response to the growing opioid crisis, the CDC has established opioid prescription guidelines (as of March 2016) with hopes to lower the number of opioid abuse related deaths across the country. According to the CDC, sales of prescription opioids have quadrupled in the United States, yet there has not been an overall change in the amount of pain that Americans report. Although opioids were originally and erroneously introduced to the pain management market as a safe way to manage pain, many opioid medications are habit forming and often times lead to an extremely high risk of drug dependency and/or overdose. Opioid medications can be useful under careful supervision of a physician and when prescribed for proper reasons.  However, downsides to using a highly-addictive opioid pain medication are abundant and must be addressed with abundant caution.

Get this crazy stat:  chronic pain affects nearly one-third of the American population and is, more often than not, disabling. The assurance of repose can sound promising no matter which pain relief option is presented, even if the option is the introduction of habit forming prescription medications. Despite the daunting stats, there is great news!  Physical therapy (PT) is powerful as a highly recommended alternative to the use of dangerous and addictive pain medications.

The CDC recommends physical therapy as a mode of treatment to be considered prior to prescribing opioids. Often times, patients show up to physical therapy in pain, unable to move well, and need immediate and long term pain consolation. PT as an effective alternative must address immediate pain relief while solving the problem long -term.  The goal for you and your physical therapist is to get to the root of the pain and ultimately improve mobility and eliminate your pain altogether.

Wright Physical Therapy provides patient education while facilitating effective physical therapy services and promoting health, wellness and prevention without the use of opioids. Wright Physical Therapy treats chronic pain through movement, hands-on care, and patient education and offers a variety of non-pharmacological treatment options to our patients. Pain is personal, but treating pain takes teamwork. When it comes to your health, you have a choice. Visit any of our locations or our website, www.wrightpt.com to schedule an appointment today.