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Internships / Observations

Truly customized internship and observation programs.


Wright Physical Therapy was founded in 2008 with the strong belief that optimal healing requires a blend of great character with compassionate competence. Recognizing that a high level mixture of those characteristics results in excellent care, it takes the right team to make that happen. We are always looking for those passionate individuals to join our team to inspire a life of joy to the people, communities, neighbors we serve.

Core Goals for Staff

Advancement Toward Your Potential

Pursuit of Financial Freedom

Having Uplifting Fun at Work

Internship Opportunities:

  • One on one mentoring
  • Weekly hands on training
  • Monthly journal club
  • Orthopedic Certified Residency program
  • Experience and learn mechanical therapy applied with certified expertise
  • Business development externship opportunities
  • Experience our bridge programs with high performance training
  • Gain knowledge of industrial solutions in rehabilitation through our Work Well program
  • Access to our unique student training module with emphasis on evidence based medicine
  • Access to protocols, Medbridge, clinic library, and other expert resources
  • Use of our customized and proprietary software that allows for ease of treatment

Our Core Values

Have uplifting fun

Add value everyday

Charity never fails

Family is central

Learn, grow, repeat

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"I had such a great experience! I felt that I was tested and pushed in ways that made me develop and progress my knowledge more than any other internship that I had done previously. I was allowed to take all the knowledge that I had gained it PT school and was further taught the importance of evidence-based practice in the treatment of patients. Wright PT played a huge role in my development as a PT!"

Shane Searle

PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

"I have spent the last six weeks at the Kimberly location doing my clinical affiliation through Idaho State University with Dr. Kevin Cherry, DPT. Wright Physical Therapy is so compassionate towards their patients and employees and are unlike any clinic I have ever seen. Their standards are remarkable and are a prime example of what physical therapy should look and feel like. They gave me a sense of community for anyone under their roof and I would highly recommend them to those in need of physical therapy."

Arika Taylor


"In my clinical rotation with Wright Physical Therapy, I had the opportunity to experience a very high level of patient care, a truly uplifting environment, and insight into the world of business. My clinical advisors were great and allowed me to learn through hands-on experience and provided me with the knowledge that they had gained over years of experience. Everyone embraced the idea of putting people first and their core values are something that everyone lived in and out of the clinic. Due to these qualities and opportunities for future growth, it was an easy decision to come back and work with them after graduation."

Riley Taylor


"I came to Wright Physical Therapy as a student doing my clinical rotation. Prior to coming here, I was questioning if this was the career I was meant to be in. After only a week at Wrights, my conviction with my chosen field was confirmed… this was the difference I was meant to make in others lives. Coming here to such a fun caring, motivated environment confirmed what I had been looking for all along: other’s with the same passion for healing and helping others, being motivated to become a better person, and a rich, fun environment with generous employees. I highly recommend Wright Physical Therapy."

Kellie Whittaker