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About Us

Why should you choose Wright Physical Therapy?

Our Story

Wright Physical Therapy was founded in 2008 with the strong belief that optimal healing requires a blend of great character with compassionate competence. Recognizing that a high level mixture of those characteristics results in excellent care, we have expanded over the years to spread our reach to as many as possible. Pain is not your friend.  With Wright Physical Therapy skillfully treating your problem, you’ll save time and money, promptly get out of pain and be your best self. 

Our clinics provide clean, energetic and uplifting atmospheres for your optimal healing. Wright PT Doctors of Physical Therapy serve a wide range of patients with orthopedic and sports medicine issues to powerfully get you back to your daily activities. We work with you through your injury from start to finish providing a robust home program to prevent the injury from repeating in the future. Our patients often comment on the unique environment that is uplifting, high-skilled and service-oriented, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We conveniently serve you in our locations throughout the heart of the Magic Valley, Boise and Eastern Idaho.

Because of Wright PT’s fundamental belief that you must diagnose before you prescribe, we are here to listen to you. Wright Physical Therapy has surprised many with our fresh ability to GET TO THE ROOT OF YOUR PAIN, and we look forward to the same for you.

Why we exist

“The reason why we exist is to inspire you to a life of joy. We do that through high-skilled treatment, innovative solutions, uplifting environments, and services.”

Bryan Wright CEO/Founder

Our Core Values

Have uplifting fun

Add value everyday

Charity never fails

Family is central

Learn, grow, repeat

Social Mission

Our hearts yearn to serve the little ones in communities through our social mission: to donate our time, energy, and revenue to the goal of protecting the innocence of children throughout the world. 


"From the first visit my problems were identified and a plan developed. As the treatment progressed it was adjusted to current conditions. The improvement realized far exceeded my expectations! This experience is a testament to the excellent knowledge base and facility provided by Wright PT. Also to the accurate application of these assets to my particular problem."

C. Gies

"Great environment! The therapists treat you personally and determine what needs to be done for YOU! Love Wright PT!"

E. Godfrey

"My experience at Wright PT was great and I could feel results almost right away, I’m finally able to enjoy my day-to-day activities pain free."

K. Bloxham

"Super fun atmosphere with even higher quality of care!"

J. Searle

"Everyone at Wright Physical Therapy is super attentive and go out of their way to accommodate your needs. They definitely have your well-being as their priority. All the staff are extremely helpful and are always there if you need anything."

C. Jansson

"The staff at Wright Physical Therapy always has a smile and a helping hand. The therapy is tailor made to fit my specific needs. If my schedule changes, the receptionists work with me to find times that work for me. I feel like part of a family that has my best interests at heart and who I can depend on."

M. Kellis

"Walking through the doors at Wright Physical Therapy is like entering your home, everyone knows your name and is very welcoming."

J. Malone

"Everyone at Wright Physical Therapy is extremely nice and helpful. The atmosphere is fun and energetic which makes it much easier to go to physical therapy. I walked in using a walker, two visits later I was walking without assistance."

M. Wageman

"I am so glad I found Wright Physical Therapy! They have really been amazing to work with. I will recommend this office to anyone and all my friends and family."

S. Brown

"After 2 years of medical procedures, I was weak and could not walk more than a few feet and I used a walker. Wright Physical Therapy had me walking on my own in only a few days. The staff at Wrights is great!"

K. Scott

"I have had nothing but a great experience at Wright Physical Therapy. Everyone has been in tune to my needs from the beginning. They all are extremely helpful at Wright Physical Therapy, from the office to the therapists, I would definitely recommend Wright PT to everyone!"

T. DePew

"Wright Physical Therapy is always concerned about you and your all around pain and trying to fix it. I love this place!"

A. Thomas

"The staff at Wright Physical Therapy listens and treats you like family. You don’t go an appointment without laughing. They make your experience fun. I was dreading PT at first, all my friends said it was awkward and dreadful but that is the exact opposite of my experience here."

A. McDonald