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What kind of joint or muscle pain is bothering you?

We believe when we work with your physician, no one can help you better than Wright Physical Therapy. Joints and the muscles involved that we treat include shoulders, hips, knees, wrists, elbows, ankles and feet. We also do pre and post surgical rehabilitation with proper care to help you reach your goals promptly


How is mechanical therapy going to help you get better quicker?

If you have a disc herniation, bulge or protrusion in the neck or back, nagging chronic spine pain, symptoms shooting into your lower or upper extremity, or you have headaches, we have the answer. Mechanical therapy is very effective at determining the root of the problem and getting you better quicker and back to the things you love. (See services for more information on what mechanical therapy entails).


Are you sitting out of your sport due to injury?

Take your game to the next level of human performance! We work with all levels of athletes from recreational to professional. We treat sports injuries and aid in the athlete’s return from the sidelines back to peak performance. Utilizing our new sport court, SCiATHLETE protocols and equipment to abolish barriers, you can reach your body’s potential, whether you are currently injured or not. Some programs offered include prehab, post- rehabilitation, sport specific training and more.

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What are our patients saying about us?

  • From the time I walked in and by the time I left, I felt very welcome and in good hands with all the employees. I enjoyed working with them and would recommend anyone to this place for any physical therapy treatment needed. I gained a lot of ground in a short matter of time.
  • I believe Wright Physical Therapy can change many lives when it comes to fixing Joint, Spine and Sport issues.
  • The staff at Wright Physical Therapy desires to learn about new treatments and it makes it a good environment to be around because you feel secure and comfortable with the treatments you receive.
  • The treatment I received from Wright Physical Therapy was better than anything I could have ever asked for!
  • I couldn't have asked for anything better. You guys bent over backwards to help me. You had my best results in mind. You were very kind, courteous and caring. Thank You.
  • I would recommend everybody to Wright Physical Therapy because this is a wonderful place and the people who work there are amazing. I was very please with my recovery and I love this place more then my own house!