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Wright Physical Therapy’s Vivid Vision

At Wright Physical Therapy we are passionate about where we want to go as an organization, how we make that happen and changing as many lives as we can in the process. Our Vivid Vision is a reflection of just that and it’s why we continue to do what we do at Wright Physical Therapy.



WRIGHT PHYSICAL THERAPY was created in 2008 with the conviction that optimal healing services require a blend of great character with compassionate competence. Recognizing that a mixture of those characteristics results in excellent care, they have expanded to fulfill the needs of their communities over the years.
Learn, grow and repeat; the lifelong heartbeat for the team of Wright Physical Therapy. Fundamentally they believe that healthy things grow and produce, in every category of life. This growth and abundance mentality is one the creators of Wright Physical Therapy take very seriously. Because they believe that much is given to them, they seek to give back with a genuine servant mentality to help others who connect with them to grow. Consequently, they have seen prolific and exponential growth, becoming Idaho’s most sought after physical therapy company for the diagnosis and treatment of joint, spine, and sport related injuries.
Wright Physical Therapy is well known for their innovative educational programs, offered to both employees and interning students to ensure their experience is prime for them to reach their potential. This is accomplished through an ideal blend of curriculum, hands-on demonstration, and skill mentoring. The onboarding and training process within Wright PT is devoted to the integration of their valuable team members, ensuring they have the resources they need and are inspired to treat patients with world-class service. These high standards of performance are paired with a culture that cultivates uplifting fun at work, the kind that involves everyone and where all can experience joy.
During times of adversity, Wright PT’s mentality is to gain perspective and apply the lessons learned.  Difficult times are a catalyst to learning and adapting, and the team seeks mentorship to fully benefit from adversity.  Wright PT team members  recognize hard lessons have usefulness beyond the current circumstances, and benefit the organization through refined systems.
Beauty is most often realized as a result of refinement through trials. The diamond is created through intense pressure applied to coal.  Likewise, they understand that when people are challenged the most, they have the greatest opportunity to become their best version.  They believe that if the pursuit of excellence did not exist, particularly in difficult times, it would lead to personal and organizational weakness. Therefore, they consciously choose to view every opportunity as potential to benefit their growth.
 The patient experience is at the heart of their success, being the absolute focus of the Wright PT crew. It is their full intention to create an environment where each and every patient experience feels magical. Because of that all-in mentality to simplify and focus on high-skilled orthopedic physical therapy, it necessitates saying “no” to other opportunities.
With an obsession on quality service and world-class outcomes, Wright PT seeks to treat patients who are themselves passionate about recovery and doing big things in their lives. They serve individuals who have a desire to heal, thrive in life and do their part to progress.
The staff of WPT fully engages with each and every patient while in their clinics and deliver robust home exercise programs, necessary supplements and follow-up systems to ensure swift and complete recovery. They are committed to never settling for anything less than a thrilled response from their patients. This is carried out through a guarantee to each of their patients, promising that “If you are not completely thrilled with your experience, we will make it Wright!” To them, this means rather than retreating from feedback, they listen empathically and are empowered to add value to their patients.
Wright PT has served hundreds of thousands of people over the years, with over 150,000 patient visits in the year 2022. While the overall net result of their work is indescribable in its entirety, there are components highly deserving of mention. One such component is the philosophy that “To Give is to Live”, which conveys giving in multiple categories of life, such as time, energy, attention and financial resources to those in need.
While there is an abundance of worthwhile causes, Wright PT uses careful discretion in choosing what causes and organizations they give to. Their social mission is to donate their time and revenue to the goal of protecting the innocence of children throughout the world. As the team members of Wright PT reflect on the life they would want for their own children, it drives their desire to protect other children from insidious and harmful actions. They fervently donate cash and service value to fight child trafficking and enhance community programs for children. The outcome of their philanthropic efforts is that an estimated 300 children have been saved from a life that is too terrible to describe.
They profoundly believe in giving back to the communities where they reside through injury prevention programs, community celebrations, general sponsorships and involvement in local Chamber of Commerces. The communities that Wright Physical Therapy serves also benefit from their splinter offers of services, with convenient and affordably priced treatments. Education to their communities is a key to their high quality outreach, and from these efforts, they serve a compelling number of people. They are getting to the root of pain and assisting their patients back to life via more than 3,000 weekly treatment visits.
Wright PT believes at its core that family is central to having joy. Through their growth mindset, they consistently seek to enhance the family structure in the communities and employees they serve with. This has helped them support their employees to fulfill the core goals WPT has for its team: have uplifting fun at work, reach personal and professional potential, and progress toward personal financial freedom.
As consequence to their vision and commitment to the future, Wright Physical Therapy employs more than 130 team members whose families progressively experience fulfillment from this career path. They employ only those people who at their very core want to inspire you to live a life of joy, and resonate with the core values of the company.
The families of each Wright PT employee are direct recipients of the culture of the company. As a an example, The “Repaid Diaper Program” demonstrates how Wright PT focuses on enhancing employees lives. Every family who has a child under the age of 2 receives a monthly box of diapers as a gift, and the irony is not lost that diaper spelled backwards is repaid. 😉 Employees and their families also have the opportunity to enjoy team building events throughout the year such as movie nights, summer barbecues, and Christmas parties.
Through the motto of “Be Part of Something Bigger”, Wright PT believes that each team member and their families are truly part of something bigger than themselves by building their careers at WPT.
WPT leadership deeply desires the workplace to be “energy giving” and not “energy taking” for every single team member. The environment matters in the energy they can receive at work and they take conscious accountability to create this reality. Workplace magic happens because they work collectively in the dedication of energy, thought and skill to create organized and well designed spaces. In a phrase, uplifting environments are edifying to them.
Opportunities for growth in the company are expansive as Wright PT believes they can only elevate themselves as they elevate others. As they elevate others through dedicated time and service, they also alleviate suffering. Individual growth within the company has led to expanding clinics and further explosive development in the company at large. To date, over 22 communities in the state of Idaho are enhanced through the presence and service mindset of Wright PT. This is an exciting prospect to the WPT team as it has led to so much more good.
The team reflects daily on the lives they have been able to change, envisioning the lives they will change. They realize this impact is made possible through attentiveness and care with every patient visit. What is the essence found in giving all they have to a single patient visit? Families, communities, children of the world, individual team members and so many others have value added to their lives in an ongoing trickle effect.
A fountain of gratitude flows from Wright PT, because in their reflective moments, they can see the panorama of the overall impact they make. A Vivid Vision imprints in Wright Physical Therapy’s culture creating a reality more meaningful and amazing than any one person could create on their own.