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Wright Physical Therapy completes remodel for WorkWright Division!

If you have ever heard an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, you can get a glimpse of the division Wright PT created to add real value to our community. We know that injuries happen sometimes, and we are there to make sure you heal at an optimal rate in an inspiring way. However, what can be done to prevent these injuries before they ever occur?

We went to work for the Magic Valley industrial arena to help save employers money, time and headaches. Our upstairs has been remodeled to fully serve the companies of the Magic Valley and beyond with preventative innovation. Providing the complete solution for employers in the form of pre work screens, functional job descriptions, functional testing, functional capacity evaluations and injury screens, the new remodel has all of the tools needed for next level help.  This WorkWright Division also serves attorneys in your search for professional Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE).

Come see the new remodel and come to understand how Wright Physical Therapy can provide this preventative solution for your group.  We think you will be inspired and will see the amazing benefit of this division of Wright Physical Therapy.  Joint, Spine, Sport Physical Therapy moves forward another step to promote futures of maximum joy. Contact bryan@wrightpt.com to gain your personal evaluation and tour.