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Top Low Back Exercises for Those Who Sit

Top Low Back Exercises for Those Who Sit

Human tissues under a low load over sustained periods of time will deform permanently if not changed to reverse the load or relieve it. Our spines, hips and lower extremities are prone to this tissue change from prolonged positions.  What is more, our lives are more prone to quickened death as a result of sitting too long. If we spend prolonged amounts of time in a seated position, we will be more prone to injury. Resultantly, muscle imbalances develop and threatening adaptations start occurring at deeper levels.

These exercises are designed for the health of your LOW BACK but are not a customized exercise prescription by a doctor of physical therapy. If your condition is worsening with any of these exercises, please stop them immediately and contact the nearest Wright PT clinic. See also the third page of the video links for top 5 exercises for anyone who sits for long periods of time 



  • Lie on back with opposite knee straight and involved leg pointing towards ceiling.
  • Grasp behind the knee with both hands keeping the knee straight.
  • Pump the ankle back and forth to full range.
  • Perform 30 repetitions, 1 set, 2 times per day.



  • Get in an quadruped position (Hands and Knees).
  • Curl back into the air rounding the shoulders while keeping elbows locked.
  • Hold 2 seconds, and slowly go in opposite direction hollowing out the low back in repeated fashion.
  • Perform 10 repetitions, 2 sets, 3 times per day.




  • Lie on stomach with the arms at your sides.
  • Maintain this position while taking slow comfortable breaths.
  • If this position is too painful, place a pillow under the stomach 
  • Hold 3-5 minutes
  • Perform 1 repetition every 2-3 hours!




  • Lie on your stomach with the elbows under the shoulders
  • Raise only the top half of the body using elbow and forearm support while the hips or pelvis remain on the bed.
  • Relax in this position, allowing the low back to sag into more extension.
  • Hold 3-5 minutes at end range, and slowly return to start position.
  • Perform 1 repetition every 2-3 hours!