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Three Point Contest at Lagoon Proves to RAIN 3’s

All of WPT Doctors of Physical Therapy competed at Lagoon for the coveted three point championship! Bryan Wright, Tyler Billings, Ryan Bishop, Jono Barker, James Wood, Shane Searle and Cory Christensen were in attendance. Round one proved to be all Tyler Billings as he scored 7 to put all of the other DPTs on the ropes. Round two, a trickle of rain began and so did Tyler as he rained 3’s to score 8.  When all seemed lost, Bryan Wright hit 7 of his 8 last shots to tie Tyler with a final score of 8.  Bryan and Tyler played a sudden death round in an effort to beat the Lagoon record that day of 9.  It started to dump rain!  The ball slipped multiple times out of their hands and Tyler walked away with a score of 2.  Bryan set to the court with a great start.   He scored 5 of his first 5 when the rain got the best of him and he fell flat on his coccyx (a PT term for bottom).  Alas, Bryan beat the Lagoon daily record with a score of 10 and won bragging rights on the website and Facebook!  Can you guess who authored this post?