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The Lumbar Medx Machine relieves tough back pain.

The Lumbar Medx Machine


This machine in the corner here is called our Lumbar Medx Machine and I want to show you a little bit about it. It was developed by a man by the name of Author Jones, he also created Nautilus machinery. The machine was designed because his back was so badly hurt and he could not find a machine on the market that would help him recover. He knew he needed to strengthen the very minute muscles in the low back.

So this machine serves to get the right kind of alignment in the hips and knees. What’s neat about it is it fits in the model of how we optimally load patients. What do I mean by that? Well, there is a ratio that looks at maximum volitional contraction and compares it to shear force. Shear force is when a spine, for example, shears against another part of the spine. When muscles contract there is always going to be an associated shear force that attaches to it. If that shear force is to high in the initial stages of rehab it actually becomes a detriment to to train in something like this. This is a more advanced part of our protocols that we use in our flagship clinic where we can get somebody to get high maximum volitional contraction of their multifidus and rotatores, but keep the shear force at a stable level so we can get real change to occur.

Again, it is another example of how we build in technology into the clinics and make it part of the environment of a high skilled, advanced physical therapy orthopedic environment.