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Telehealth For Physical Therapy is Here!

  Telehealth a service provided at Wright Physical Therapy


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wright Physical Therapy is excited to now offer Telehealth services to our patients!

As a reminder, we are diligently following all CDC guidelines inside each of our clinics to keep our team and patients safe and all of our clinics remain open. Treatment inside the clinic remains ideal, however, offering Telehealth services for physical therapy now allows us to keep our patients on track with their current plan of care and also serve new patients, should they not be able to make it in person for an appointment. To learn more about the precautions we are taking, please visit our blog for the latest information.

What is Telehealth for Physical Therapy?

With a revolutionary Telehealth program in place, our Doctors of Physical Therapy connect with our patients virtually with the use of real-time video and audio. Our clinicians are able to properly assess your condition, determine your goals, design a treatment plan, and prescribe exercises which they will demonstrate and monitor while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

In these visits, the therapist will join you on a video call and will listen and talk with you about your condition, they will have you do movements that they will demonstrate to assess your abilities and instruct you on intervention strategies. You will be given an exercise program tailored to your condition as well as other self-care techniques. Using live video for physical therapy services is very effective!

Who can use the Telehealth program for PT? 

Telehealth through commercial insurance plans requires the patient to have internet and email access as well as a video platform (computer, phone, tablet) with audio. Medicare has now also approved Telehealth visits so we are able to serve those insured through Medicare under the same platform.

How can I schedule a Telehealth visit?

You can schedule a Telehealth visit directly from our website HERE or call any of our locations today!

In order to make Telehealth a success, here are the things you will need:

  • Internet access
  • A device with a camera (computer, phone, tablet) that has access to the email
  • Space to exercise

Many Benefits of Telehealth for Physical Therapy:

1. It Works!

Translating a hands-on approach to care into virtual sessions can be hard to understand at first, but we have seen great success. We know that pain doesn’t go away during a pandemic, and so neither do our physical therapists. Wright PT is adapting to this new online model and has discovered that open discussion, asking the right questions, functional movement tests, and guided, targeted stretches and exercises can yield excellent, almost comparable results to traditional care.

In many cases, working from home in a new environment, trying new at-home fitness routines, or simply living a more sedentary life can create pain and even injury. Through telehealth, physical therapists can pinpoint the cause of your pain and guide you back to health. Examples can include ergonomic assessment of your workspace to better fit your body, home stretching and fitness routines to target specific areas of your body, guided myofascial release, corrective exercises and guidance for better form and posture. By taking steps early to address pain, you can avoid bigger problems, and potentially even surgery, down the line.


2. It Promotes Social Distancing

While in clinic treatment sessions remains ideal and all of our Wright Physical Therapy locations remain open following all guidelines and taking necessary precautions, we know that many individuals are advised against, or simply prefer not to, visit a clinic just yet. With Telehealth,  you get uninterrupted, personal attention from an expert physical therapist without leaving your home. It’s HIPAA compliant and your personal health information is protected, in addition to being comfortable, safe and effective!

3. It’s covered

Most insurance companies have recognized the importance of physical therapy telehealth and added it to their coverage! This is great news for members who need physical therapy in order to stay healthy at home. Updates in coverage include Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and United Healthcare. Medicare is also providing coverage for telehealth physical therapy, as are other insurance providers across the state. You can reach out to your local clinic directly with any questions about your insurance plan.

4. It’s Accessible

You may be worried that you don’t have the right device to participate in a telehealth session, but fear not! Most people likely already have everything they need. Do you have a smartphone? A laptop? A tablet? Then you’re ready to go! The only thing you need is a device that has a working microphone and camera, and internet or network access. Wright PT uses Doxy.me, a safe, easy-to-use, HIPPA-compliant platform trusted by healthcare providers worldwide, meaning it’s been tested and used by companies both large and small. There’s no download or login requirement, so it only takes a few clicks before you can start speaking one-on-one with a physical therapist.

5. It’s Convenient

With telehealth physical therapy, getting assessed and treated by a licensed PT is more convenient than ever! All you have to do is call your local Wright PT clinic or submit your information on our website, let one of our front office coordinators figure out your insurance benefits, schedule an appointment, and then your therapist will email you a link to the meeting at your requested day and time. Be seen today and start feeling better faster!

If you are interested in learning more about telehealth, please call any of our locations directly!