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Bryan Wright



Bryan was born in Hansen, Idaho where he learned to walk uphill both ways to and from school. In a small town where the “welcome to our town” sign is printed on both sides, imagination went a long way for him.  Surrounded by fields as far as the eye could see, he made games out of irrigation work and cultivated interest and skills in basketball, football, track and music.  He played many different roles on these teams and was not a stranger to injury.  In fact, his sophomore year he broke his hand during “playful physicality” with his older brother.  Stated simply, his older brother never even flinched through the boxer fracture Bryan incurred.
He attended physical therapy sessions in his youth and often went to PT with his mother.  On two different occasions he was mistaken as her physical therapist when traveling to orthopedic physician appointments with her.  This piqued his interest in the PT profession and his passion continued to expand as he witnessed first hand the miracles of physical therapy in healing function.
Bryan graduated from the College of Southern Idaho and went on to serve a mission in Cleveland, Ohio for his church.  He returned to Utah State University to graduate forward to his DPT program at Idaho State University.  Sports and health were a way of life through that decade for Bryan.  During those years of study, he would train for marathons with long runs followed by ultimate frisbee.  After games of ultimate frisbee he would continue the day by playing multiple games of basketball and end with a night cap of volleyball games.  Recreation, education and using the body well have been consistent passions for him.
The progressive realization of worthy ideals including advancing with human performance is important to Bryan.  Many important factors led to the creation of Wright PT including the desire to improve the delivery the physical therapy services dramatically.  He founded Wright Physical Therapy with the ideal that people deserve to have a mix of compassionate care with competent skill integration.  From the founding of Wright Physical Therapy forward, he has integrated the combined vision with his team to be Idaho’s most sought after PT company.  He fundamentally believes that healthy things grow and desires at a core level to alleviate suffering and elevate others.  That growth has led to the development of education systems, a social mission to preserve the innocence of children and software technology to make the PT process smooth and engaging.
Bryan has 5 daughters and 1 son that challenge him to become better everyday and continue to grow.  He believes family is central to happiness and recognizes that his core responsibility should not stop there.  When asked, “when is enough enough for you” he responds that as long as his heart beats he will continue to serve more and more people.   His family and philosophy drives him to better serve the community(s) that he is blessed to work for.

What they are saying about Bryan Wright!

“Bryan Wright has helped me immeasurably. He came up with a program tailored to my specific needs. In under 5 months, I have lost 45 pounds, improved in strength and balance, and gained a sense of control and confidence. I now able to do the things that I wasn’t able to do and enjoy life a lot more. Plus, these guys are all just plain friendly and caring! Thanks to Bryan and the whole Wright Physical Therapy team!”

- Laura Fall, MD