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Sport Court Improves Patient Performance and Healing

The Sport Court at Wright Physical Therapy

So one of the exciting parts of our clinic is the sport court. The sport court is one of the innovative things that we thought of back about 4 years ago when we built the clinic. I had a seven foot one center from the College of Southern Idaho come in for a knee problem. As tall as he was we knew we needed to have really tall broad spaces to work with him and his athletic skills. We built the sport court to innovate, to be able to do functional training for basketball, functional training for volleyball, and to be able to have broad spaces to move laterally, forward and backward, and to integrate all the planes of movement that a person needs to really have a high orthopedic physical therapy experience. So I am going to show you a little bit about what we do on the sport court here.

Possibly the first thing you’ll notice about this area that it is very echoey, but secondly that this area is built exactly to the specifications of a racquetball court.

If you look on the ground we have painted patterns like the agility ladder. We use the sport court for our prone cuff exercises, bench based exercises. We use it sometimes for volleyball or walleyball. So you can hook up to here and here and you can hook up a walleyball net so we can look at swing patterns for volleyball players, or we can just come in here an play sometimes.

We use it for balance. We use it for six minute walk tests. We use it for timed Up-and-Go’s. We use it for YBT tests.

We also have this cool new tool called the Core Sticks. It doesn’t fit in small spaces so we use it inside of the sport court. Core Sticks have been super innovative for us. It’s allowed us to create different exercises that incorporate both core strength as well as balance and functional mobility. This has been and exciting new, we’ll call it a toy for us therapists.

There is a very special part of the sport court that we call our ongoing-free-throw-contest. Back behind me you can see the basketball hoop. We have had a free-throw contest for years. I believe that the record is set now at sixty-two free throws made in a row. The girls name is Alex Pefferly, and she beat me one fine day. I had the old record at fifty-eight. My goal here, probably until the day that I retire, is to beat that record of sixty-two free throws in a row. Good luck to anybody who wants to try. It’s not insurmountable but it is certainly difficult.

This sport court is a great piece of this clinic and I am excited to show more of the clinic to you.