Dynamic Warm-Up

We have committed to educating coaches, trainers, and technical staff about the background and how to successfully implement Dynamic Warm-Ups. 

Importance of Dynamic Warm-Ups

Athletic injuries are common and can be incurred with and without contact. In several instances an athletic injury can be prevented through a proper warm-up. We have collaborated with the master minds of professional sports who have helped create our very own injury prevention program, the Dynamic Warm-Up. Major clinical research studies have indicated that the consistent implementation of this warm-up which is both for the Upper Extremities as well as the Lower Extremities can lead to 35-50% reduction in injuries.


Our Dynamic Warm-Up Program

On the basis of these results, Wright PT has decided to roll this complimentary program out to all schools and athletes in the local area. We have committed to develop a program where we educate coaches, trainers, and technical staff about the background and how to appropriately perform the exercises with their teams.  In order for this program to be successful we have committed to a thorough onsite hands on training with one of our doctors of physical therapy. We also deliver a laminated copy of both the Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity Dynamic Warm-Ups that contains written instructions along with photos to ensure that the training is successful to the team. This service is complimentary to all individuals and teams who are serious about injury prevention.

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