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Dynamic Movement Assessment

The Dynamic Movement Assessment (DMA) is a research based performance and movement assessment examination. It contains a set of essential athletic movements (applicable across multiple sports) that allows us to objectively identify faulty or uncontrolled movement patterns and to quantify them. Research has shown for the last 15 years that the DMA is able to identify predictable movement patterns which lead to increased risk for injury during athletic participation. DMA can help to decrease the incidence of injuries suffered by the competitive athlete or the recreational weekend warrior. This type of sports injury screening assists clinicians in identifying injury factors that can improve overall performance.

What Can Dynamic Movement Assessments Detect?

  • Lack of muscle control/coordination (motor control dysfunction)
  • Stability issues
  • Lack of mobility in joints
  • Decreased strength
  • Decreased flexibility
  • Decreased conditioning
  • Decreased posturing

What Kind of Sports Injury Screening Is Available?

  • Screens that assess posture, alignment, range of motion, strength and balance.
  • DMA’s assesses six fundamental movement patterns to find the cause of the problem(s) and not just the source of the pain.
  • DMA identifies limitations or asymmetries with movement patterns that are key to the quality of movement in individuals who have no complaints of pain and/or any known injury.

Based on the results of this functional movement screening, individualized programs are developed that address the nature of deficits. Some athletes will require mobility and flexibility training and/or sports injury rehabilitation and conditioning while others will need to address stability and motor control disorders/dysfunction.