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Collaboration With Your Medical Team

At Wright Physical Therapy we are fully aware that we are not the only ones that help you in the journey of recovery. We firmly believe in collaborating with your medical physician so we have a better frame of reference on what the exact injury is and any other information we need know so we can best treat you and your ailment. In our experience and in recent evidence base research, a physical therapist collaborating with the physician will usually result in better outcomes. Rest assured, after every new evaluation, our doctors of physical therapy will contact your physician.  Quick example, a therapist of a patient with a Rotator Cuff tear would need to know the size of the tear, number of tendons involved, tissue quality, type of acromion (I,II,III), the type of procedure performed, and any complications during surgery. Omitting to gather these details in this example could lead to injury, re-rupture, and delay the healing process.