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How Smart Leaders Build Trust

The following excerpt was from an email Bryan composed to the leaders of our company and it’s accompanying link. We hope this speaks to you as it did to us.

Jess and I were discussing “being the expert” as I received world class therapy on my knees last week. “Trust” came up in our discussion and I found something worth sharing in the link regarding it. The following article represents some discussed virtues from last year that are worth every second of study for our personal and professional lives, regarding trust.

The author of this read writes that trust is composed of character plus competence, which has been my understanding of it from our searching the principle last year. You may recall that the tree of credibility has roots with character and fruits with competence. This particular author adds a component to that tree that I think lends a more complete knowledge of what trust is. That ingredient is authority. So the tree of credibility has to be planted in the soil of authority, it would seem.

Example: The DPTs of our company have authority to heal patients because of their degree and license. They work on their character and competence all the while to earn trust. Take a leg of the three legged stool out and the stool would collapse. A person with great character, and impeccable competence would still be untrustworthy to treat patients if they did not hold the authority (licensure) of DPT to do so.

Enjoy this short read. I feel it is a good reminder and has additive value for wisdom.

CLICK HERE to read the article.