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"I would recommend everybody to Wright Physical Therapy because this is a wonderful place and the people who work there are amazing. I was very pleased with my recovery and I love this place more than my own house!"


"I couldn’t have asked for anything better. You guys bent over backwards to help me. You had my best results in mind. You were very kind, courteous and caring. Thank You again!"


"Wright Physical Therapy has helped me immeasurably. They came up with a program tailored to my specific needs. In under 5 months, I have lost 45 pounds, improved in strength and balance, and gained a sense of control and confidence. Plus, these guys are all just plain friendly and caring! Thanks, Wright Physical Therapy!"

Laura Fall, MD

"From the time I walked in and by the time I left, I felt very welcome and in good hands with all the employees. I enjoyed working with them and would recommend anyone to this place for any physical therapy treatment needed. I gained a lot of ground in a short matter of time."