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Color Rivals

The following editorial was written passionately during the month of March about March Mania from our very own Shiloh. Enjoy her opinion about color rivals!


There are many shades of color that mankind has discovered over the years. There is a certain color that represents the meaning of trustworthy, dependable and committed. Also, known as a male gender associated color, though can have equal appeal to both men and women. As we consider looking at the cool mist ocean and the bright sky on a warm sunny day, there is a specific color that stands out. This color is the color blue! Although there are various amazing and wonderful shades of Blue, some shades of blue can be over used. They may come across as depressing or uncaring. The choice is yours if you are willing to wear Duke Devils Blue or Tar Heel Blue.

Duke Blue is a deep dark blue. It is the symbol of Duke University as a territory color. It symbolizes the best shade of blue where we can see wisdom, self-mastery, and achievement in their college athletics. This color easily represents the best college basketball team in the big dance (win or lose). However, not all blues are perfect and amazing as Duke. There is a rival shade of blue people should stay away from.

Beware of North Carolina blue, also known as Tar Heel blue. Everyone should advise their loved ones to stay away from this shade. This color represents the college rival of Duke University. This shade also represents the true meaning of the unhappy term of “Feeling Blue”. You will feel unhappy whenever you are wearing this shade around town.

In summary, now you know the ideal shade of Blue and an example of each meaning of shade. So, the next time you want to wear a great color of Blue to your favorite location or to catch up on college basketball just in time for March Madness, choose the best shade of Blue, Duke Blue!