Don’t Sleep More, Sleep Better

BETTER SLEEP = BETTER RECOVERY = BETTER PAIN MANAGEMENT  Getting deeper, more restful sleep has been shown to significantly reduce pain, improve energy levels, improve performance and function throughout the day, and helps with better healing of the body.  Here are several proven sleep strategies that assist in getting better rest: Consistency: make a consistent…

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5 Keys to Treating a “Frozen” Shoulder

WHAT IS A “FROZEN” SHOULDER A “Stiff” shoulder can mean different things to different people.  We explore the meaning of stiff shoulder as it refers to sub-optimal range of motion for performance that is physically and, at times, mentally debilitating. The lack of motion from a stiff shoulder can have significant impact on daily living,…

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Blood Flow Restriction In Physical Therapy

WHAT IS BLOOD FLOW RESTRICTION (BFR)? Blood flow restriction training (BFR) was first introduced in 1966 and was popularized as “Kaatsu training” before the general name of BFR. It was used mostly among powerlifters and bodybuilders to increase strength and muscle hypertrophy. However, in recent years, research supports the use of BFR in the rehabilitation…

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Solutions For Flawed Clinical Education

Physical Therapy Propocol Development Idaho

The journey to becoming a skilled  Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) requires students to complete internships in a variety of settings.  It is necessary for students to establish a working knowledge and clinical experience prior to graduation through these varied internships. The variety of settings and number of hours required per student differs per institution. …

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Dynamic Throwing Warm Up

Baseball on ground

DYNAMIC THROWING WARM-UP BE READY BEFORE THROWING  Baseball injuries are something we often see at Wright Physical Therapy and a common theme with these injuries is that there was not proper warm-up before throwing.  Throwing can be a precariously dynamic movement and adds micro trauma to the body.  Throwing warm-up should be treated like any…

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What is Electrical Stimulation (EStim)?

ELECTRICAL STIMULATION: Most often performed in outpatient orthopedic PT clinics for muscle re-education or pain control. The waveform, frequency and wavelength are different depending on the reason for using this modality. With neuromuscular estim (NMES) two electrodes are typically used. Physical therapists use NMES to the quadriceps (specifically VMO) to regain quadriceps control to restore active…

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Dynamic Warm Up

Dynamic warm up

What is a Dynamic Warm-up? Many of us have been through a warm-up of some kind to prep our bodies for an upcoming task or event. Most, if not all, people agree that some sort of warm-up is beneficial before doing physical activity for either injury prevention or overall performance. The question  is, “What type…

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Snow Shoveling Techniques For Injury Prevention

Snow shoveling techniques

Snow shoveling is known to be a common cause of soft tissue and low back injury. A staggering number of people each year are treated in emergency rooms and have medical emergencies due to improperly shoveling snow. Don’t let the snow get the best of you! Make sure to use caution and apply these techniques…

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Winter Sports Safety and Avoiding Injury

The first snow fall is exciting. It’s a signal to strap on the skis and skates, or even jump on a sled. Days spent playing in the frosty snow can be jam packed with fun, but like any activity you need to play safely. Winter activities can lead to the same bumps and bruises of…

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