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General consensus among experts tells us that next to vision, touch is the body’s most used sense. To put it into perspective, let’s recall the “Little man” in our head, also referred to as homunculus of the cortex. The hand alone occupies approximately 1/3 of brain real estate on the motor side, and approximately 1/4 of sensory real estate. Significant dysfunction

CLASSIFICATION – Diagnostic classification of temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) can be challenging,   given the complexities inherent in presentations of headache and orofacial pain.  Classification is critical to selecting the appropriate intervention. A summary of a study done by Okeson 2 estimated that about 35% or more of a population sample, which represented people of all

        Recently, the wife of one of our beloved DPTs ran a marathon in Utah, finishing 4th in her division.  Congratulations are certainly warranted to Melissa Wood, this great example of the POLICE principle, for training and running 26.2 without receiving an eminent injury.  She could personally tell you her story of how powerful