We are not immune to injury, especially due the multitude of daily forces subjected to our bodies. Unfortunately, some of these stresses can be traumatic and cause tissue damage. Traditionally, the first aid method of healinginjured body parts has been taught through the pneumonic, R.I.C.E, representing the ideal to Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate (the injured tissue). This outdated pneumonic


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General consensus among experts tells us that next to vision, touch is the body’s most used sense. To put it into perspective, let’s recall the “Little man” in our head, also referred to as homunculus of the cortex. The hand alone occupies approximately 1/3 of brain real estate on the motor side, and approximately 1/4 of sensory real estate. Significant dysfunction

CLASSIFICATION – Diagnostic classification of temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) can be challenging,   given the complexities inherent in presentations of headache and orofacial pain.  Classification is critical to selecting the appropriate intervention. A summary of a study done by Okeson 2 estimated that about 35% or more of a population sample, which represented people of all

An Expert Guide to Low Back Pain

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LOW BACK PAIN A Powerful Expert Guide  Skip to the Bottom for Summary of What to Do About Your Back Pain   ALL TOO COMMON OCCURRENCE Daily, I see patients who are concerned about the course they should take to heal their back pain. They clump their low back pathology with every terror story they have