Sonya Haines

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Sonya Haines

Patient Care Coordinator / Marketing Director


Sonya was born in Pennsylvania but raised in the mountains of Salmon, Idaho. She is a product of the home schooling movement. Many home-schooling parents encourage their children to teach themselves as much as possible. In Sonya’s case this resulted in her maturing into an innovative, self-motivated and confident woman. It simply does not occur to her that something can’t be worked out.

After graduation she continued her job experience in Reno, Nevada in the customer service industry where she truly found her passion to care for and serve people. Sonya’s continued love for knowledge led her to extend her studies at both Boise State University and Weber State University with an emphasis on secondary education and health. In 2003 Sonya and her husband Walt moved to the Magic Valley where they are now raising their daughter and son who keep them on their toes.

Sonya began working for Wright Physical Therapy in June, 2013 following a Motor Vehicle Accident that required rehabilitation for her neck and back injuries. She found as she was being treated, that the benefits of physical therapy were not as understood as they should be. Since then, she has dedicated her efforts as Patient Care Coordinator to share her experience and promote the ever growing benefits of Wright Physical Therapy’s ability to heal anyone in pain.