Safety in home can have a different meaning for you depending on the stage of life you are in. For example, motor vehicle accidents take more lives of children, adolescents, teenagers and young adults aged 1-24. From ages 25-64, drug overdose and opioid abuse is tragically the top cause for lives taken. After the age

Chronic pain and diagnoses such as fibromyalgia (FM) have posed challenges for health care providers over the years. One in fifty Americans will be given a diagnosis of FM, so getting accurate diagnosis and treatment right most likely affects someone you know. Furthermore, FM is given credit for being the most common cause of generalized

THE EPIDEMIC Obesity in America has steadily and unfortunately been on the rise. Current studies would indicate that more than 1/3 of adults and 17% of youth are obese, which is standardly measured via body mass index (BMI) of greater than 30. To confront this alarming trend, obesity has been increasingly studied over the years.

FACT: Roughly 80% of Americans will experience low back dysfunction in their lifetime. Also true is that approximately 80% of those individuals will experience recurring back pain. That means that about 65% of the population may experience ongoing back pain. There is good news, however. This statistic does not have to be true for you.

INTRO TO PLYO Energy is required to improve our bodies and the systems that work within them. A powerful way to add energy into a rehab program, bridge or workout program is through plyometric training. Plyometrics can also be called plyos, and they consist of powerful and fast movements. Plyos raise the force and speed