WHAT IS MDT MDT is an acronym that represents “mechanical diagnosis and treatment”. It is often referred to in orthopedic physical medicine literature. MDT is a specific assessment and treatment algorithm that uses coordinated movement patterns to classify and improve mechanical derangements and dysfunctions. Mechanical pathologies account for ~80% of orthopedic conditions. Examples of mechanical

RETURN TO SPORT (RTS) FOR AN ACL ATHLETE Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to re-injury and return to sport following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR). Unfortunately the results continue to be less than exceptional. We are often asked by athletes, “When can I return to my Sport after an ACL repair?” NFL

  Headaches are generally classified in one of six major categories including Sinus, Cluster, Tension, Migraine, TMJ and Cervicogenic (neck) type headaches. For the purposes of this article we will succinctly examine the mechanically mediated types of headaches that are described in the figure below. Mechanical Physical Therapy is particularly successful at treating Cervicogenic (neck), Tension type and TMJ

REHABILITATION PROTOCOLS The use of rehabilitation protocols in physical therapy continues to be best practice. We recently participated in a survey and it appears that most agree. Out of thousands of clinicians who participated, 73% of them reported that they use protocols in their treatments to enhance their care and 27% said they do not.

Color Rivals

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The following editorial was written passionately during the month of March about March Mania from our very own Shiloh. Enjoy her opinion about color rivals! There are many shades of color that mankind has discovered over the years. There is a certain color that represents the meaning of trustworthy, dependable and committed. Also, known as