Daniel Aldama OT

Daniel Aldama B&WDaniel Aldama

Occupational Therapist

Daniel Aldama was born and grew up in Sacramento, CA. He completed his Bachelor of Science
in Kinesiology at Sacramento State University, and then went on to earn a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy at THE University of Utah.
Daniel has always had an appreciation for the human body, but more importantly, he was always intrigued as to how the body interacted with and adapted to its environment, especially after an injury. The field of Occupational Therapy peaked his interest, because occupational therapists view a person as an occupational being – one who engages with their environment and lives life as they are influenced by their “occupations” – any meaningful activity that a person wants or is required to do. His career path was solidified after volunteering at a Children’s Hospital in Sacramento. He was moved by the therapist, client relationship. It seemed that therapy spanned beyond the clinic walls, and into the child’s and caregiver’s life at home and school.
As an occupational therapist (and the only one at Wright Physical Therapy), Daniel aspires to become certified in Hand Therapy – a specialty the specifically treats the body from shoulder to finger tips. He is also pursuing a certification in Work Well – an industrialized solution for people to return to work.
Daniel’s better half is his beautiful companion, Tami. They enjoy the company of their 3 children: Noelle, Corom, and Elijah, as well as their 2 dogs: Luna and Don Gustavo “Gus”. Daniel also enjoys anything fast – motorcycles especially, as well as outdoor adventures – camping, hiking, and swimming.